AG.Models is the first Persian base modeling and scouting agency. To be precise, we are Persian’s first and foremost modeling agency that represents male and female models globally. The modeling agency is the ultimate launchpad that will nurture the best talents from the modeling world.


christian dior show in mumbai

We are currently looking for female models throughout the nation to walk for a fashion show held by the well-known designer brand ‘Christian Dior’, scheduled in Mumbai from 25th March- 30th March 2023’.

Auditions are open for female models only with a minimum height of 5’7” or taller (without heels). We would like you to fill up the form available on our website and show us your interest.



We search and scout (discover) models for our clients in fashion, media and marketing. We work closely with our clients, from individual brands, to photographers, advertising agencies and PR agencies, to find the best, new models, curved models, and male models. For this, our team works with 100% for each booking.


Unlike other traditional model agencies, AG. concentrates its efforts on a much smaller number of models with the greatest potential. It provides customized training including catwalk, fitness, photography, make-up, English communication, and fashion industry knowledge to each model. Upon completion of this rigorous training, AG. models will sign with top modeling agencies around the world.


we believe that win-win work is essential for success. We strive to create an environment where everyone involved in a project or task can benefit from the outcome. This means that all parties should be able to get something out of the work they do and that there should be mutual respect and understanding between them. Our approach to win-win work is one of collaboration, communication, and trust